The Press Restaurant

Info for Musicians

The Press Restaurant Booking Policy

The Press requires a sample of music from all new acts. Please submit your website or MySpace URL to If you do not have MP3s online, you may submit a CD, which can be left with the bartender at The Press.

Besides the quality of the music, there are a few other criterion The Press must consider when booking an act: 1.) The act must be willing to promote their show. 2.) The act, and the crowd it brings in, must be respectful to The Press, its staff and other Press Patrons. The Press makes every attempt to work with the acts we book to ensure the best draw and create a positive environment for performance.

Like every other venue of any other size, The Press receives far more requests to play than there are dates available. We will respond to you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest in performing at The Press.

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